imagine all the stuffs he could lick

i’m out. Peace.

the godstongue world peace manifesto

The Final Word

Stop praying. Rise Up.
Listen to the words of every song
And read between the headlines.
We are on the march.
Bang your drums.
Now is the time.
Wrote and recorded a song titled
(I grew up a 90s white boy in Australia. Leave me alone!)
It was written about you!

#Speak Out!
#World Peace Now!
#1<3 NY
#one less than three
#One Heart It
#Freedom Now
#21st Century Clean Up
#The End Of War
#The End Of The World As We Know It
#The Last Goodbye
#The Apocalypse Is Over

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Random Lives & Chapter 5

Will the votes come in favour of Change?
I’m in favour of a new home and name,
for The Israelite Nation.
This in turn allows our Holy Land Palestine
To return to its rightful place as Holy.
At the moment The Middle East is no home for holiness.
Let’s stop stumbling about at the bottom of the mount,
be ready to climb to the Summit.

John Lennon asked us to Imagine.
Dr. Martin Luther King Junior had a Dream.
And JFK? Well he was just another symbol of hope…

Are you going to shoot me too?
You know me but you don’t.
I am nothing and everything,
like you.
We have a future,
And it is better than the headlines.
Ask Molly Nilsson if she’s afraid of the headlines…

the godstongue world peace manifesto

The Idea Is Evolution

The idea is that we band together
To organise an International Vote.

New York:
That Beautiful,
State of America,
With its colour and its shape,
Land of Milk & Honey & Electricty,
Global Capital of the Arts,
Global Capital of our Economy.
Could it be renamed?
New York, New State of Israel.

but wait… it makes sense doesn’t it?

It really makes sense?

Think about it.

Could we?
Celebrate New York as The New State of Israel?

Do you see it?
A more celebrated gift than Jesus?

No Way!

No Way!

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Am I up to Chapter 4 yet?

So let’s propose an idea.
Shall we?
Unite and Organise.
Begin to spread the idea,
Through music,
Through art,
Through the streets,
Through what we wear,
What we talk about,
When we’re high and drunk.
When we’re at church,
Dancing at a club,
Around the dinner table,
Making Love.
Forget small talk,
Let’s talk big things.
It’s already started.
The idea is…
The idea is…
The idea is easy…

World Peace may very well have a simple solution.

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Chapter 3

Let’s start the Millenium again,
And Come Together
To give the greatest gift in the history of mankind.
It will be so much greater than the gift of Jesus.

He was an example but he was a gift of Death.

We, as Humanity Collective / Animals Collective,
must rise up and spread The Good News.
I want an invite to the World Part Event.
You’re all coming.
Let’s give the greatest gift ever told.
Let’s not be apart any longer,
Will you please take part in world history?

World Peace.
I see it on the horizon.
A new Sun.
A new Moon rising.

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Chapter 2

Forget what you know of the Bible.
Forget everything.
It’s about God revealing an example of Love,
Through a collection of written books.
Someone must be sacrificed.
The son must die.
It was declared the greatest gift of Love ever told.

So who else is in it for the long haul?
Are we not Gods?
I am a God,
and I am God.
WE are GODS collectively.
Aren’t you?
I smoke from a Khātam decorated Pipe.
I wear robes. I suck and win always.
I’m also a person of Humanity.
I’m a person of Love.
Aren’t you?
Every action will echo in Eternity.
Do you remember the word Eternity,
scrawled in mute cursive across The Sydney Harbour Bridge,
Welcoming the New Year 2000?

Now is the beginning,
The beginning of our one thousand year Eternity.
Welcome to the Twenty First Century.
And yet our hearts are still clouded
As to what role New York will play in this.

I woke on my nineteenth birthday to the cries of 911

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Have your prayers been answered? Mine haven’t.

An Anti-Christ

If our prayers go unanswered,
we must turn to each other.
We have been made in an image that is greater than the Universe.
According to a recent article published 2013 (I think), in New Scientist, the Human Mind is the most complex of all creations.
But do not quote me, that was a very loose interpretation of what I read.
I lost my copy of that issue back at an All Tomorrow’s Parties in Melbourne.
The collective mind is also a very mysterious place.
So I ask you to step outside the box and think for a minute.
We must turn to each other if we want to see World Peace on Earth.
We have been turning to each other for everything else,
We have been for thousands of years.
We see Love everywhere.
We see families grow.
If we Love then we must contribute to Global Affairs.
It is our responsibility.
There is an ongoing war in The Middle East.
It is a religious war and it must end!
I have read my scriptures,
have you read yours?


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