imagine all the stuffs he could lick
Façade New York March 2005Karl Lagerfeld

Let’s Come Together

Mick Namarari TjapaltjarriDingo Puppy Story 1997 acrylic on linen 183 x 124  cm
Los AngelesPhoto by Dolan Coleslaw (2013)

“The Spirit of Things” - Tau
“The obligation attached to a gift is not inert. Even when abandoned by the giver, it still forms a part of him… We can see the nature of the bond created by the transfer of possession. In the Maori custom this bond created by things is in fact a bond between persons, since the thing itself pertains to a person… Hence it follows that to give something is to give a part of oneself. In this system of ideas one gives away what is in reality a part of one’s nature and substance, while to receive something is to receive a part of someone’s spiritual essence.”

Maus, M. The Gift: Forms and Functions of Exchange in Archaic Societies,  translated by I Cunnison (New York: Norton, 1967), pp 9-10.

Ask John Lennon

I haven’t been around much the church lately.
Silent mourning, u know,
Wearing black and smoking hash.
Hanging out with the family.
Though I love festivities for their curiosities
and Easter is messed up.
Halloween is for conservatives.
Then there’s Christmas!
I mean, we’ve been celebrating Christmas for a long time.
Once a year,
Every year.
I mean, we westerners really celebrate Christmas
And do we even believe in Santa Baby?
I see
He’s wandering the streets, in the charity store windows, on the television,
in the schools, on the internet. Sure I believe it.
There’s no innocent child left in my mind, mild sanity,
And I’m no more preaching chocolate bunnies.
All I point out
Is if a lover returned today would we string him up again?
It’s still kinda messed up down here,
The message was hardly heard.

the godstongue world peace manifesto

The Final Word

Stop praying. Rise Up.
Listen to the words of every song
And read between the headlines.
We are on the march.
Bang your drums.
Now is the time.
Wrote and recorded a song titled
(I grew up a 90s white boy in Australia. Leave me alone!)
It was written about you!

#Speak Out!
#World Peace Now!
#1<3 NY
#one less than three
#One Heart It
#Freedom Now
#21st Century Clean Up
#The End Of War
#The End Of The World As We Know It
#The Last Goodbye
#The Apocalypse Is Over

the godstongue world peace manifesto

Random Lives & Chapter 5

Will the votes come in favour of Change?
I’m in favour of a new home and name,
for The Israelite Nation.
This in turn allows our Holy Land Palestine
To return to its rightful place as Holy.
At the moment The Middle East is no home for holiness.
Let’s stop stumbling about at the bottom of the mount,
be ready to climb to the Summit.

John Lennon asked us to Imagine.
Dr. Martin Luther King Junior had a Dream.
And JFK? Well he was just another symbol of hope…

Are you going to shoot me too?
You know me but you don’t.
I am nothing and everything,
like you.
We have a future,
And it is better than the headlines.
Ask Molly Nilsson if she’s afraid of the headlines…