imagine all the stuffs he could lick

ill time and half rhyme

In The Stars

He means no disrespect,
but your sisters want to lick it,
taste His hot come back on their face when He sprays it.
Yeah, so what?
It’s much more than sticks and stones,
Don’t worry,
Like JC you’re greater than a scape-goat.

You’re The Change.

These words are wise, comprised of willed lyrical vibes,
like Northern wings spread to the South ends of the New World.
Who has
wives times ten sprawled in the rear-vision of His crawler?
Who has
his head screwed straight and laced with Baby cocaine fame?
Who has
a Black Panther stance,
a right hook, a quick wit and The Law in His left hand?

Look beyond the fear,
Today is the foretold Judgement.
There sits the jewelled crown of God, Allah’s Milky Way.
It’s the Truth. It’s The Life.
God is Allah and Allah is Yahweh, Abba Father.
Do you see clearly now then where the Prince must reside?
Australia has the crown,
Get down, kiss the ground and raise your hands up high.
It’s all wrong.
The globe’s been turning on its cursed head for too long.
Welcome to the flipside! Pack another bong.

Who best meant it when He said:
North is South!
East is West!
Our compass needs a re-think,
It’s a matter of Truth and new perception.

Watch on closely as the Sun draws near,
Even Antarctica cries thin ice and joyful tears,
Cos Jesus weeps no more,
He’s Free.
Happy riding His Father’s hand me down Jeep.
He’s a loose cruising miracle,
at the wheel of a god-machine.
The radio is tuned and the internet His stadium.
So you’d better run hard cos He’s fast at your heel.
One thousand virgin girls kneel down at His throne
with mouths open to declare:
Love is like a BJ,
Love is a verb,
So get home Sisters and Brothers get home.
Give now!
Give back ‘til your bank balance is broke.


drug r fun

Spread the Good News

The Truth Will Make Lovers of Us All

It is one thing to privately speak things into being and another thing to openly speak what I believe. I do not doubt my existence but I sometimes doubt my significance, as I’m sure we all do. We mustn’t. So in faith, and without fear and shame, I stand up to shout declaring this message of Global Peace, a message for those who believe and also for those who are yet to receive.

I speak from the heart of my Heavenly Father, God Almighty, who has blessed me with the spiritual strength for this task. Let me begin by stating firmly that God cannot and will not tolerate Jihad. With this message any man who chooses to murder another will not see Heaven. Christ has returned today to judge and he has spoken and I want this word to spread far and wide, loud and clear. Through weeping, fear and confusion I have witnessed a dire lack of respect for our Father’s creations. It pains me as I know it pains us all. On behalf of the world watching closely through eyes clouded with tears we declare today we will no longer tolerate the evils of war.

No one can ignore what is happening in our world. This certainly is the Last Day of Judgement when the first shall be made last and the last shall be made first. But do not misunderstand this scriptural truth. It refers to equality. This day is frightening but we must remain faithful, recognising this as a day of great opportunity, an opportunity to bind ourselves together as one and make a united contribution to God’s greatest command: To Love Each Other. I am referring to an idea that means we rise up and create Peace in the Middle East, which in turn will spread Peace through the world to all of God’s men, women and children.

Let there be no more violence. Let there be no more war. We’ve all been very patient in bringing this final chapter to a close but if war continues there will be no choice but to call upon God to condemn those who continue to live by the sword. If you live by the sword you will die by the sword and you will not see Heaven here on Earth nor will you see it in the afterlife. But there is a hope and this hope is real. This hope is Christ Jesus and there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. All of your hopes and prayers have brought me back and I’m so happy to be here again. Earth is an incredibly beautiful place so let us come together and lead it back to its original intention, our home.

Do I believe in an Islamic State? Yes I do. The people of Islam are a respectful, educated, peaceful people who have made major contributions to the understanding of our universe. They deserve a welcoming homeland. When asked, the Prophet Muhammad declared the greatest merit a man can achieve is to bring water to those who are thirsty. Let me profess that we are parched in this climate of holy war and it is time now to drink, be refreshed, be renewed and be merry. The holy war is over; we must surrender our arms now and forever. Islamic Law will need to take a leap of faith in God’s new direction of holiness, as we build a new vision for the world. With the right steps we can do this together, nations united in love and respect for each other. I believe in you. We all do.


Do I believe in a Jewish State? Yes I do. The Jewish people were declared long ago to be God’s chosen people. For what role were they chosen? Do not look to the atrocities that have preceded us as your answer because you will not find it there. It is said that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was God’s gift to mankind. I can confidently affirm that long ago God chose Israel for an even greater gift, that of a homeland that will bring the reward of Global Peace.

Forgiveness is a miracle. I ask now that you forgive me, if I have been slow to recognise my role here. Forgive me if you have felt betrayed in any way, I apologise deeply and earnestly. But I am here now and I am ready to be employed where I am needed. This message is not mine but rather it is a message entrusted to me by God. I desire so much to reveal this word of reconciliation to the nations of the old world and to the nations of the new world. Let it spread like wildfire. There is a gift that I would like to give as an act of love, a gift of mutual understanding, an apology, an offering, a handshake. I want us all to come together and give the state of New York to the Jewish people as their new homeland. History shows that the Jewish people are an expat people and I think New York is a stunning home for Israel. I’ve New York in the fall some call autumn and it is perfect. After all wasn’t New York built for this purpose? Look closely and you’ll see it was predestined.

So how do we love unconditionally? It’s easy. A gift is the perfect act of Love. This gift of New York will not be a sacrifice. No gift is a sacrifice. Loving is not a sacrificial enterprise, it is in our nature. Only with this gift can we proclaim to be equal to each other and equal to our great Creator. I know we can do this. All it takes is for someone to believe in you. I believe in you. What an incredible story of redemption to receive, rewriting our own history. War is difficult. War is done. We’re over it. Let’s demonstrate Love as our God has demonstrated Love before us with a gift, and what greater gift to provide than that which has already been blessed to us. We are custodians of this rich, bountiful planet to be shared. Only when we find World Peace can we cure poverty and all other ailments in preparation for a future at the ready for exploration and achievement. Is it blasphemy to praise each other on the accomplishment of World Peace? No Way! I say let’s celebrate for a thousand years and a day.

And pray also! Yes, pray together. Pray, kneel down and face Mecca if you will. Pray how you choose, pray how you feel. Ask for the answer and it will be given to you. Our prayers are a voice and together they are a powerful statement of faith. All our actions will have consequences and we will witness them soon enough. Be patient, change and be all that God has made us to be: Peacemakers, Judges, Freedom Fighters, Lovers, Forgivers but most of all Brothers and Sisters.

Again, please do not be discouraged by our current state of affairs. As I have declared once before: you are not the cause, nor are you the consequence. You are the Change. This is the only way to a greater understanding of our existence. Call it Evolution if you will. If we can forgive and correct our history then we can have Peace and we can live in Paradise; one thousand years unblemished are calling to us from the horizon. Let the rising, warming sun heal our hearts.

You have asked for my judgement and I have responded. If the world needs a mediator I am ready and able to go. I love you all. Praise God.

Façade New York March 2005Karl Lagerfeld

Let’s Come Together

Mick Namarari TjapaltjarriDingo Puppy Story 1997 acrylic on linen 183 x 124  cm
Los AngelesPhoto by Dolan Coleslaw (2013)