imagine all the stuffs he could lick

going nowhere slow


we are the nirvana

Kurt Cobain got his face blown off to see

learnt from a past life


I’ll soon be in koala habitat, under the shade of a Bread-Maker

Two Cents Per Acre


stolen library books
bundle of zines
one passport
a ten of grass
one stick of grass
assortment of grass seedlings and earth (Don’t Panic - 13 available) 
one holy water
one Pearl Master’s Series 6x13” 4-ply snare drum finished in bird’s eye
*matt black practise kit sold under prearrangement
set of VHS Twin Peaks created by Mark Frost & David Lynch (incomplete)
small VHS collection
1979 Akai HiFi System (recently restored sound is mint)
one cassette collection
*Seaside Suicide self titled, Molly Nilsson unnumbered Silver and The KLF single all sold separately
one small vinyl collection
one small collection of compact discs
one 1996 Subaru Liberty sedan in beat-up white
one Joanna Newsom print (framed/unframed)
one Blonde Redhead print (framed/unframed)
one large levi’s logo mirrored light
four leather jackets mens medium
Shaq Reeboks mens size US9 
one small collection of shitty jeans
one black soiled sock
the rest of my socks
small collection of sleeveless tees
one tsubi jacket
fuck off ksubi
the list goes on
fucken belts
fucken bed
fucken alarm clock
fucken broked shit
fucken birthday gifts
fucken unwanted gifts
one rat’s tail - very fucken rare
fucken maps and shit
you name it
i’ll sell it
one set of two brown leather chairs
prayer rug
if I find my resident huntsman you can name him Dowg
Give me money
Buy all my shiz
I need to be filthy rich come Christmaz


only need
one of you to believe
Show me your evidence!
I must see proof!
absolutely all proceeds go to an unnamed charity of your choice
Remember: Blasphemy is a term of endearment,
I’m selling all my goddam shit!
Soon this will be Done.
Back on One.

get a hint

negotiations to buy New York State
are starting at a 
purchase price of two cents per acre

inflation is a con